My favorite spot



Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.  One of my favorite spots I return to again and again.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, TS-E 24 mm/3.5L II,f 6.3, 1/1250 s, ISO 200, 0 eV, CP-filter, handheld, adjusted by Photoshop 14.1



  1. I hope you don’t mind, but I will probably be asking you question after question. First of all though, this photograph is stunning. Your perspective on your capture draws me right in. I love the infinity effect you have here and your proportions. As for my question…what is a CP filter? I probably could go online and see, but I am asking you. I have a Canon EOS 50D camera which I love. Truth be told, I see your equipment you are holding in your photography, and I gulp. I am no where near the place you are, hence one of the reasons why I am here. I want to learn. Thank you! xxoo, Amy

  2. Risto says:

    Thanks Lady Pinkrose! CP-filter is circular polarizer, in landscapes I use it always if possible, i.e. there is light enough. Equipment is really not so important (even if I do have top gear) but much, much more important is to use your available camera a lot. It is also good to remember that lenses are for life, cameras come and go. Happy shooting!

    • Ah! After I wrote what I did, I thought you were talking about a polarized lens. Those babies are expensive having just bought a CP-filter myself. Yes you do have top gear and I have a good idea how much money you have sunk into that gear. Right now, I am enjoying my camera, understanding how best I can get it to work for me. I love being creative with it. The possibilities are absolutely endless…..I’m saving for a 75-300mm lens. I’ve seen them going for $11,000, and no way do I have the money for that. That one I believe is an F-2.8 lens. What I do have now, I consider very lucky to have. Believe me. My favorite lens right now is my macro. 🙂

      Thank you for your reply!!!

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